A normal week vs. a JACRO week

This is your “take the red or blue pill” moment…

“You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed
and believe whatever you want to believe.”


Time to get your head down and review last week’s performance. Did the rain push the customers into your building, or was it so heavy that they all stayed at home?

The alternative…

You walk to work with your fingers crossed, hoping that last week was a success. As soon as you get to work, the office door is shut: your calculator’s buttons have been bashed in and you’re dizzy from looking at last week’s data to figure it out.

It’s a mental marathon. You’re in the office for most of the day and you’re feeling beat. The week has only just begun…


You’re not locked in your office all day and there’s no need for calculators or opening 5+ computer tabs to study data. You know exactly how last week went because JACRO kept you proactive.

With real-time data and graphical representations to break everything down, it takes no time at all to assess where you are and what to do next. No screen juggling, no printing PDF reports to compare, you’re ready for the week.


It’s time to book next week’s movies. Tough decisions are to be made – the sooner the better – as you don’t have time to let this task spill into tomorrow.

The alternative…

You’re checking to see which films are swinging big like Rocky, and which have flopped so badly that you find yourself making the “Home Alone face.” Also, your food and beverage sales aren’t looking good and you’re not sure why.

Back to your office… it’s another day of spreadsheets, PDF reports and calculator bashing. A poor decision will hurt your bottom line, so you need laser-like focus to get this right.


All the heavy lifting has been done for you (the force is strong in this one). It only takes you a few minutes to get all the info you need to optimize your showings for the week.

You’ve upgraded the top-performing films to bigger screens, and food and beverage sales are performing well again after you tweaked the upsell settings in your PoS following a drop in last week’s spend per head.


Is it time to shine your “need more employees!” bat signal into the night? Or do you send some home as it’s looking like a quiet week? Now’s the time to make the decision, with this week’s profit on the line.

The alternative…

You were too busy putting out fires earlier in the week, and now you’re rushing to work out whether you need more or less staff for the weekend.

You’ve decided to call more staff in but it wasn’t a confident decision. You just hope that they aren’t going to be left twiddling their thumbs all weekend (…like they were last week).


After spending a few minutes looking at some graphical breakdowns of previous weeks, you decided to call in some more staff and you’re feeling 100% confident about your decision.

JACRO’s data has proved to be a great indicator before and you trust your decision to bring in more staff for what’s looking like an epic week.


It’s the last call to get your food and beverage counters locked, loaded and ready to go. You don’t want hungry customers because you’ve run out of nacho cheese.

The alternative…

It seems last week’s delivery was botched. You’ve overpaid for an incorrect order again! Stock levels are miles off as you’re worryingly short of your best-sellers and you have no idea why. How does this keep happening?!

Now it’s time to reorder but you won’t get them until next week. This is the quiet before the storm – and you know a smart system would have stopped this error from costing you sales, embarrassment and customers.


Today’s purchase ordering and goods received are all done. You’ve checked your inventory and everything’s ready for the weekend rush.

There was a major discrepancy with one of your deliveries but you spotted it. JACRO made it easy for you to leave a note on the system to inform accounts payable to check the invoice and short-pay it if necessary. (You dodged a bullet like Neo and now you feel like Rocky from, er…Rocky..).


Time to shine. It’s looking like a busy night of action. New films are ready for fresh eyes to see them and you’ve done all you can to make the week a hit. But will it be one? You know that the evening of all your customers, your colleagues, yourself and even your family depends on not only the new releases, but on your PoS to see you through the night.

The alternative…

It’s getting busy: you’re just hoping your server and self-service kiosks don’t crash when you have 20+ people waiting out the door.

You’re at the mercy of your PoS system. And then it happens… tickets won’t sell, the numbers don’t add up and you’ve run out of nacho sauce again! Why does this always happen on a Friday?


Early ticket sales are looking great and everything’s running like a well-oiled machine. Mobile sales have been pouring in all week, customers are using the kiosks with no issues, and your food and beverage points are raking in sales.

This is what it’s all about. You’ve checked your portal a few times to see how the night’s going and you like what you see! If any problems arise, you’ll spot them early using the KPIs and dashboard so you’re able to take corrective action. But you can relax – the numbers are good. It’s a busy night and everyone looks happy.


It’s Saturday Night Fever – but is it a hot or cold one? Will there be a queue of hungry moviegoers out the door or will your cinema be as empty and eerie as that house at the end of The Blair Witch Project?

The alternative…

It’s busy and you’re seeing mistakes but it’s too late to fix them. You could have done a better job organizing your screens, and it’s too difficult to switch them, you’re understaffed, and food and beverage opportunities are being missed.


It’s another action-packed night. Your theater is buzzing, your systems are performing, and your customers are having a great time. Bring on tomorrow!


It’s the last day of the week. Will it be a damp squib or a Rocky-like victory to cap off a blockbuster week? Time will tell.

The alternative…

It’s been a bad week. The stress, the confusion, the missed opportunities. You’ve felt as hopeless as Tom Hanks in Castaway. But then again, most weeks feel like this. You are tired of these “Sunday night blues” especially as you know that everything will be the same next week.

Running a cinema was supposed to be romantic, but it’s just keeping you away from your friends and family. When you’re at home, it’s all that you can think about, the phone keeps ringing with problems and you’re constantly on Teamviewer.

You may as well be at the cinema every day. It feels like every week you do the same things. You don’t feel in control and you can see so much that you want to improve but don’t ever get to.


What a week! It’s another busy night at your theatre to end a brilliant weekend. There were some tough moments but JACRO made it easy for you to assess the situation and make quick decisions from reliable data.

You go to bed happy, knowing you’re starting fresh again tomorrow with a clear plan for the week ahead, including time to work on that new loyalty promotion you saw the video about in your PoS.

This is why you got into cinema – you just love it when a plan comes together (ok, so that one is a TV series, but there was a movie too and it was surprisingly good).

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.“

Please note: JACRO is in no way affiliated with The Matrix.