Supertrans Splicing Tape

Used World-Wide in Projection and Editing Rooms

Optically clear splicing tape of excellent durability that will not discolour or lose adhesion with age. It is chemically resistant to oils, solvents and grease. Moisture-proof and abrasion resistant.

Each roll is 15 metres long and available in five standard widths to suit your editing needs.


                              Supertrans Completely Clear Tapepage24image3813408


  CODE                                  DESCRIPTION                                        UNIT

TAPE1       Supertrans Film Joining Tape No.1 9mm          Pack of 10

TAPE2       Supertrans Film Joining Tape No.2 15mm      Pack of 10

TAPE3       Supertrans Film Joining Tape No.3 19mm      Pack of 8

TAPE4       Supertrans Film Joining Tape No.4 25mm      Pack of 6

TAPE5      Supertrans Film Joining Tape No.5 38mm       Pack of 6


                                            Marking Tapes

           We manufacture four types of marking splicing tapes.

New white-enhanced Yellowline shows yellow at join with no effect on picture or sound.

TAPE4YW15      Yellowline Splice Marking Tape 25mmx15m (+WH)       Roll

Brightyellow film splicing tape: used to provide fast location of film joins where sound and picture are not present.
TAPE4WH15     JACRO Superwhite Splicing Tape 25mm x 15m              Roll
TAPE4YE15      JACRO Brightyellow Splic. Tape 25mmx15m                    Roll

Brightyellow Edgemarking tape identifies splices in the made-up program and has no effect on picture or sound. Use with JACRO Clear, Splicemark or Yellowline.
TAPE0YE10     JACRO Brightyellow Edge Tape 4.8mm x 10m                 Each
Edgemark is sold in packs of six.

                                         PREMIUM MARKING TAPES

The high precision printing and top-grade product make Jack Roe’s Splicemark Brightline and T-Stripe tapes the world’s best splicing tapes for 35mm projection. Neither tape has any effect on the picture or sound but both make the splice visible to the projectionist with a bright mark on the splicing tape. The precision white undercoat makes these tapes’ marking as bright as it gets. Splicemark is now available in both magenta and yellow.


TAPE2SM15     Splicemark Brightline Magenta 15mm x 15m                  Roll

TAPE3SM15     Splicemark Brightline Magenta 19mm x 15m                  Roll

TAPE4SM15     Splicemark Brightline Magenta 25mm x 15m                  Roll

TAPE2SY15     Splicemark Brightline Yellow 15mm x 15m                        Roll

TAPE3SY15     Splicemark Brightline Yellow 19mm x 15m                        Roll

TAPE4SY15     Splicemark Brightline Yellow 25mm x 15m                        Roll


                                      PATENTED T-STRIPE MARKING TAPE

JACRO’s patent approved T-stripe pattern is excellent for providing maximum splice visibility to projectionists with no effect on noise or picture as it passes through the gate. The extra bars between frames stop short of the soundtrack and makes this the most visible of the marking tapes. For unbeatable visibility use with Edgemark.


TAPE4TS15     T-Stripe Splice Marking Tape 25mm x 15m                         Roll


                                                 PERFORATED SPLICING TAPE

TAPEPERF35CL     Perf Tape Clear 35mm Film Splicing Tape                   Roll

TAPEPERF35WH     Perf Tape White 35mm Film Splicing Tape                 Roll

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