Drive-In FM Transmitter

Drive-Ins were all the rage over 60 years ago. The 50’s aesthetic of dancing concessions on-screen and shiny cars all lined up in front of a black and white screen bring feelings of summer nostalgia. With the strict enforcement of social distancing, drive-ins are making a comeback in Summer 2020. Social distancing is easier at Drive-Ins and audiences around the world are loving the retro experience of being able to go to a drive-in movie theatre.Β  While there were still over 400 drive-in screens across the USA at the start of 2020, for many countries and generations it is the first time that they have ever experienced the beauty of sharing a movie on the big screen outside.

No drive-in can work properly without the right supplies. The FMX500D Transmitter is a solid-state FM radio audio broadcast band transmitter, specifically designed for Drive-In Theatre Applications. The FMX5000D transmitter has an FMX5000D Kit is supplied with antenna, microphone, power supply, 3′ of audio cable with RCA connectors plus manual covering installation all for minimum costs. The Transmitter is also under a 1-year Limited Warranty.

FMX5000D Flyer & Spec Sheet 2020

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