Behind the Scenes at JACRO

Along with many other businesses, the cinema industry has been hit particularly hard following the COVID-19 global pandemic. Self-isolation and social distancing put the movie-going experience at a worldwide halt. Through this experience, many businesses and communities have been creative and supportive of divergent ideas and new initiatives. Since the first appearance of the coronavirus, JACRO has been discussing and working on ways to help cinemas with social distancing. We have added key product changes and updates including new seat separation logic, updates to paperless ticketing, curbside concessions, etc.

We have created a way to configure social distancing within cinema auditorium seating using either our Internet Ticketing or PoS applications. Cinemas can adjust how far apart their customers should be sitting within each of their auditoriums. These adjustments range from row skipping, individual seat skipping, and diagonal skipping. The seats that are required to maintain social distancing from other seats that have already been sold are shown in grey, and customers cannot select them.

The latest update to our ‘Tapos Mission Control’ app has also been released. Cinema employees can now scan customer’s QR codes for contactless entry and even scan out customers who may need to leave the auditorium. If a QR code is valid, employees will hear an ‘Approved’ audio prompt which can be turned down/off at any time.

JACRO has also been in direct discussions with the ICTA, UKCA, CTC, and other entities to both help and also to learn from the international cinema community as much as possible.  Our broad customer base has provided us with valuable insight into the requirements that are likely for cinemas to reopen.  Likewise, we have been in communication with our customers about their specific needs following the pandemic and are readily available to support them by whatever means possible. We encourage our customers, staff, and their families to follow the guidelines provided by their governments and to remain safe.

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