Ticketing & PoS

It’s alive! It’s alive!

We created a cutting-edge online interface and fused it with our popular server-based PoS, combining 25 years’ constant development with the power of the cloud and latest Saas functionality, giving life to something new and beautiful! Our hybrid solution is a unique opportunity to have both an established and proven cinema PoS and also the latest tools in online access and availability.

The Main Attractions

Sales, refunds & seat moves

Inventory & stock control

Promotional & staff discounts

System audit & anti-fraud tools

Staff scheduler and time clock

Film booking and rental

Gift cards

Points & loyalty schemes

Membership module

Food & beverage

Purchase ordering

Staff discounts

50,000+ hours of development time invested

Our PoS is tried, tested and trusted by cinema managers across the world.

Over 25 years of finely-tuned features

Our PoS puts you in the driving seat, so buckle up and take control of even the most demanding and fastest-paced cinema environments.

Upgrade to JACRO or purchase specific PoS modules

We’re the only PoS company with modules so powerful that even our non-PoS customers buy them.

Intuitive PoS interface

Reduce staff training times, customer lines and errors with our quick & easy-to-use interface

Sell with fewer clicks for shorter lines

Reduce training time with our intuitive interface

Set full permissions and access control

Includes step-by-step training videos

Smart gift, loyalty and membership features

Boost ticket/concession sales & build customer loyalty with our fully-hosted membership services
  • Sell gift cards at PoS and online
  • Added security with hidden pins
  • Sell hundreds of cards at once
  • Issue points and redeem awards
  • Discounted member tickets
  • Check balances & top up online
  • Collect customer info online
  • Fully-hosted gift cards
  • Includes eGift cards
  • Online moviegoer logins

Consult the oracle

View live KPIs & analytics online

Access KPls and powerful metrics online

Make quick & convenient edits at any time
  • Industry-first 2 factor authentication
  • Access and edit your data from anywhere
  • Anti-fraud dashboard with drill-down interrogation
  • View admissions, per cap, payroll cost per ticket, total hours worked
  • View all cinemas from one portal
  • Unique scoreboard and drill-down reporting
  • Add/Edit films, stock items and food products
  • Add users and restrict access
  • Grant film bookers live access to box office occupancy data

Full back office program

View live KPIs & analytics online

Back office superuser program

Those long waits for reports are over… now you can view them in real-time.
  • Full purchase ordering module
  • Centralized stock codes, vendors, pricing and recipes
  • Advanced admin and data interrogation
  • Never overpay a short-shipped delivery
  • Value approval thresholds
  • Film booking, rental and settlements

Lights, camera, action!

Start today by finding out how JACRO can transform your work life with one powerful
and easy-to-use solution. After all, on average, a cinema PoS system is installed for
over 15+ years… let’s make it one that you love.