A Winner for Charities

Why is Tapos so popular for charity donations?

Tapos provides online access to a snapshot of your cinema’s business, and over 50 modules to support you as you grow.

charity donation
  • Charity Donations

    With Tapos moviegoers can make charity donation a donation as part of every transaction (including Gift Aid in the UK). The charity controls the wording on the donation, and the default donation value. A typical charity receives a donation on about 50% of transactions, representing a huge boost to the finances, and a real show of support for the operations team.

  • Use Membership to boost profits

    Using memberships is key to charities increasing their profitability, as many moviegoers intentionally select a membership level that is beyond financial reason. Many moviegoers confirm that they are intentionally spending more than they need to with the cinema either because they want to prestige of being a member, or because they simply want to make an ongoing commitment to the cinema.

  • Clean and clear interface

    Charities often rely on part time volunteers, as well as people who might find using computers more challenging (disability, age, less frequently working). A clean interface with clearly readable text is vital to empowering volunteers. It is as important for the cinema’s operations as it is to the mental wellbeing of the volunteers who can feel that their time has been useful, productive and stress-free.

  • Reliability

    Running a charity often combines hard work with charitable motivation, and a lack of confidence, or an abundance of busy work can quickly erode the patience, even at the very top of the charity. With a PoS that has 25 years of development behind it there is nothing like the peace of mind and stability that comes with Tapos, so that the Board of Directors can focus on running the cinema.


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