A Winner for Independent Cinemas

We understand the love that independent cinema owners have for their cinema, and that having the right POS is vital to its growth.

Why is Tapos so popular?

Tapos provides online access to a snapshot of your independent cinema, and over 50 modules to support you as you grow.

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  • Fast to learn, and easy to use

    Our independent cinemas have everyone from 16 years olds in their first job, to 87 year old cinema veterans. Packing a powerful PoS into as few screens as possible, and reducing the number of actions to make a sale is critical to employees, to the managers training them, and to the customers they serve.

  • Grow your business with Loyalty and Membership

    Independent cinemas can thrive on a core group of regular customers, and our Loyalty and Membership system enables cinemas all over the world to understand, nurture and grow their customer base. Independent cinemas build communities, and our loyalty and membership system helps to make that possible.

  • Communicate with your customers using our cinema CRM

    Once an independent cinema understands its customers, communicating with them is the vital next step in building customer value and growing building a sustainable box office. From increasing the number of visits per customer to recapturing customers who are lapsing, our cinema CRM has you covered.

  • Designed for today, and for tomorrow

    We are often told that an alternative ‘new’ PoS looked great at first, but lacked the features an independent cinema needed to grow. With Tapos, every customer receives over 25 years of features. Each Tapos system includes a huge inventory of over 50 modules to support you, your ideas, and your business.


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