Hardware Pricing

We can support almost any hardware, and so are hardware agnostic. However, we have experience with working with many different types of cinema PoS hardware and from this experience recommend the following makes and models.

Recommended PoS hardware

Cinema PoS stations
Partnertech SP 5514
Aures Sango
Touchdynamic Pulse Ultra
Epson TM-T20
Aures Inline ODP-333
Boca Lemur
Epson TM-U220
Self-service Kiosks/ATMs
Partnertech Baldwin Kiosk
Partnertech Alfred Kiosk
Box Technologies K86B
Custom Kiosk Components/Self-service PoS
Dell Tower/Rackmount Server
Virtual Server

Partnertech SP 5514

POS hardware


  • Intel® Celeron™ J1900 (2.00GHz up to 2.42GHz), quad core, 2MB L2 cache
  • Fanless for harsh environments
  • Bezel-free 14“ TFT-LCD, resolution 1366 x 768, brightness 220cd/m², LED back-light
  • Projected Capacitive Touch
  • 4GB DDR3L SO-DIMM, 2 slots, up to 8GB
  • 64G SSD or 2.5” SATA Hard Drive
  • 5 Year warranty

Aures Sango


  • Great looking PoS
  • Multiple colour options
  • Fanless for harsh environments
  • Intel processors
  • Upto 32GB Ram
  • 15” LED backlit capacitive touch

Touchdynamic Pulse Ultra page

POS hardware


  • Intel® Celeron® Quad Core J3455, up to 2.3 Ghz
  • i3-7100U up to 2.4GHz Kabylake®, i5-7300U up to 3.1GHz Kabylake®
  • 15” & 17″ LCD with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Fanless for harsh environments
  • Wall mountable, VESA 100×100
  • Solid State Drive: Standard 128 GB SSD

Epson TM-T20


  • Epson branded thermal printer
  • Extremely popular and reliable
  • RS-232, Ethernet interface (100 Base-TX / 10 Base-T), USB 2.0, Drawer kick-out
  • Available with network interface as kitchen printer

Aures inline ODP-333

POS hardware


  • Inline printer to save on counter space
  • Integrates into Aures Sango design
  • Low power consumption (stand by mode)
  • RS232 Serial – USB & Ethernet dual (non-modifiable)

Boca Lemur S

POS hardware


  • Cardstock ticket prints
  • Custom cardstock available
  • Surface mount and countertop models available

Epson TM-U220

POS hardware


  • Network printer
  • 2-color, for highlighting modifiers/exceptions on orders
  • Impact printer, paper not impacted by hot kitchen environment
  • Ribbon cassette

Partnertech Baldwin Kiosk

POS hardware


  • 21.5”/ 27”/ 32” PCAP Touchscreen
  • Display Resolution 1920x 1080 (300/300/400 nits)
  • The latest High performance Intel CPU with Fanless Design
  • Maintenance and Service Friendly Design
  • High speed M.2 SSD
  • Anti-Glare Display: (BW-215)

Partnertech Alfred Kiosk


  • Latest Intel CPU/ARM Rockchip RK3399
  • 21.5” anti-glare/15.6”
  • 7H Hardness Touch Glass
  • 3” Thermal Printer
  • Available as Floor standing or countertop
  • Winner European Product Design Award
  • ISO 14001 Compliant

Box Technologies K86B

POS hardware


  • Motherboard: F14 Qualcomm / D84U Intel®
  • Memory: up to 16GB RAM
  • Storage: 32GB eMMC / 128GB M2 Sata
  • Memory: Upto 16GB RAM

Custom Kiosk Components/Self-service PoS

Some of our customers choose to have either table-top PoS acting as self-service kiosks, or to build our kiosk components into walls and counters.

The table-top solution is the most cost-effective solution for customers to purchase tickets themselves, providing also the added benefit of having interchangeable hardware at the box office and concessions stand.

The kiosk component solution is popular where cinemas want to design the customer experience into a wall or countertop, often as part of a new build, or refurbishment. This can be a cost-effective way to achieve the most integrated solution, but requires additional design and construction work onsite.

If you would like either of these options, please contact us to supply the hardware needed, which you can then work into any cinema lobby.

Dell Tower/Rackmount Server

pos software and hardware


Tapos currently recommends a dedicated server for every cinema PoS. This is because the PoS is critical to the business of the cinema, and a typical server lasts for 7 or more years. Therefore, the cost of the server massively outweighs the risk to the business associated with internet problems either interrupting or slowing down the PoS activities.

Virtual Servers

Tapos has been supporting virtual servers in cinemas for over 10 years.

The key advantage of a virtual server is that it still provides the speed and reliability associated with a dedicated server, but it can share the resources of a physical server with other instances, such as the TMS.

This provides initial cost savings, as well as reduced ongoing cost savings and associated environmental benefits.

It can also help with providing a snapshot that can be restored onto another virtual machine in the rare case of a total hardware failure.
Please contact us for the latest specs on recommended resources for a virtual machine.


Phenol-free thermal printer paper

We recommend only phenol-free thermal printer paper. This is because there is evidence that phenols in thermal paper can be toxic to humans, particularly to people in regular contact with them (such as employees), and where food may be consumed (concessions stand) by hand (in the auditorium). For this reason there is no place for phenol in thermal print paper.

Gift, Membership and Loyalty Cards

We can organise and print your gift, membership and loyalty cards in 2-sides full colour, including a magnetic strip, and optional barcode.

Tapos can include a scratch-off pin for added security, protecting against employee fraud and ‘man in the middle’ theft before a card is sold.

Employee Cards

Employee cards are similar to Gift, Membership and Loyalty Cards, but are used for employees to swipe in and out of the PoS stations, and clocking in and out of the time and attendance.

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