Services Description

This page lists the different services that are available through Jacro.

Jacro may update this page from time to time to reflect new technological developments, services and features.

1. PoS

Software to include the sale of tickets, primarily for cinema and theatre venues, and associated products including but not limited to gift cards, food, drink and merchandise.

The software includes the following additional modules:

1.1 Cash desk for completing bank deposits and financial reconciliation

1.2 Card-present self-service ticket sales

1.3 Purchase Ordering organising and tracking purchasing from 3rd party vendors

1.4 Inventory for measuring and auditing the flow of both consumable and non-consumable assets

1.5 Film Booking for calculating and reconciling payments to content providers

1.6 Access to cloud services for accessing key features from outside of the venue

1.7 Loyalty and Membership for sale, tracking, reward and segmentation of customers

1.8 Promotional discount in conjunction with special offers

1.9 Employee Discounts to track and control preferential pricing to venue employees

1.10 Coupons and Gift Cards, including online sale and redemption of online gift cards

1.11 Showtime feeds for 3rd party systems such as TMS and air conditioning

1.12 Report Scheduler for automatic sending of reports

1.13 Custom reporting for customer-specific reporting

1.14 Employee scheduler and time clock

1.15 Head Office for central management of products, events and users

1.16 Employee Messaging and upselling prompts

2. Online Booking

Platform for Operators to sell tickets and other products as part of card not-present transactions, either both API and Customers directly interacting with web booking pages.

3. Payment Processing

The processing of payments including credit and debit card transactions, both card present and card not-present, for the sale of tickets, products and services as a result of either Operator or Customer use of one or more of our software products.

4. Digital Signage

Premiere digital signage is a combination of product and service. Digital media players deliver digital signage outputs to display information on Operator’s televisions or monitors including for the purpose of auditorium signage, box office signage, directional signage and digital poster signage.

Jacro is not responsible for the supply or maintenance of televisions or monitors and does not guarantee compatibility with all devices.

Premiere is a digital signage service that is available to both PoS and non-PoS customers.

5. Website

The hosted website solution is a wordpress site, including access to a plugin developed by and exclusively for our PoS customers. Cinema operators have access to the wordpress login for making updates to the website, and to share with 3rd party web developers to make customisations to the website theme.

Jack Roe is responsible for the delivery of automated showtime content, but is not responsible for custom changes to the website, or for resolving any issues with the website related to changes that have been made by the Operator or by their appointed representatives.

6. Phone systems

Fone and Go provides a fully automated telephone answering services for showtime announcements, including an option to respond to callers with a message through an SMS messaging service. Fone and Go is available to both PoS and non-PoS customers.

7. Mobile Apps

7.1 White-label mobile application for both Apple and Android operating systems for the primary purpose of selling tickets and other products related to the direct operation of Operators’ venues.

7.2 ‘Mission Control’ app for scanning of QR codes as part of paperless ticketing module.