Team Tapos

Team Tapos is a diverse and multinational group. From our core bases in Herefordshire (UK) and Nashville (USA) we expanded into Wales, Scotland, Brazil, Ecuador and The Philippines when we opened up to the possibilities of remote working. From people in their 20s, to their 70s, we’ve someone on the team who could represent pretty much anyone in your cinema audience, and that is one of the reasons that we understand cinemas as well as we do.

We love working with our customers, and with each other, which is what keeps the team together, with over half the team having worked together for over a decade!

If you have a favourite in our support team, please email to let us know, and we will send them a small gift to say thank you.

cinema industry - alan

Alan Roe, Managing Director

Having worked part time with Jacro since 1995, Alan became the CEO of Jack Roe USA Inc in 2010, and Group Managing Director in 2015.

Alan has successfully navigated the difficult transition from 35mm supplies to now being a market leader in cinema ticketing systems, providing invaluable experience in change management, and what it takes to succeed.

Alan is passionate about strengthening the cinema industry, which he sees as a force for good. He believes that a strong, reliable and forward-thinking cinema PoS can help to strengthen the cinema industry, which helps communities and enriches lives everywhere a movie plays.

Alan has a First Class Honours degree in Physics (2004), and an Executive MBA from Nottingham University (2018). He was President of the Internal Cinema Technology Association from 2018-2021.

When he’s not working, he’s often seen behind an old camera taking pictures, or running along the nearest beach.

cinema industry - Ben

Ben Saunders, Director of Product and EMEA

Ben Saunders started working for Jacro in 2008 joining as an I.T support role. With an education in network security one of his first tasks was overseeing the implementation of PCI:DSS. Since working with Jacro he has always strived to using new technological advances that can benefit both the PoS and the cinema industry itself. These forward-thinking innovations led to him becoming the development manager in 2014.

Ben has had a keen interest in technology his entire life, being first introduced to Windows at age 8 doing an I.T course at Munich International School, to installing his first Linux operating system at age 11. Over 20 years later he is still a strong advocate for the Linux operating system.

His interest in languages doesn’t stop with just computers though, having studied both German and French and being fluent in English and Norwegian.

cinema industry - Nigel

Nigel Rowberry, Director of Development

Nigel has been developing software for longer than he cares to remember and has been involved with TaPoS software from the very beginning having developed the initial version of the system to which he has continued making major contributions ever since with particular emphasis on the card processing systems.

Starting out in customer support Nigel rapidly moved into software development, founding his own company in 1992 providing bespoke software products to clients own requirements and general technical advice. Past products have included an insurance administration system sold to the insurance arm of a global consulting firm and an interactive questionnaire program used by the London branch of an international market research company.

A keen advocate of open source software, he was among the first in the country to recommend and implement the then obscure and experimental operating system Linux as a cost effective alternative to Windows servers. This commitment continues in almost all the underpinnings of TaPoS providing cost effective software solutions for cinemas all over the world.

Nigel has a degree in Philosophy from St Andrews University, Fife. He is married with three grown up children and lives in Gloucestershire.

cinema industry

Paul Gray, Global Sales Manager

Paul Gray is a dedicated and passionate professional who is new to the cinema industry but is quickly settling in as Global Sales Manager. With six months of experience in the cinema industry, Paul has quickly established himself as a competent professional in his field.

Before entering the cinema industry, Paul worked in the telecommunications industry, gaining valuable experience as a sales professional at Vodafone and Xeyus. He has a strong background in B2B sales and has demonstrated his ability to build relationships with clients and exceed targets.

Outside of work, Paul has a passion for hobby drone flying and martial arts, specifically BJJ and kickboxing. These hobbies keep him physically active and mentally sharp, providing a much-needed balance to his professional life.

Overall, Paul is a dedicated and skilled professional who is committed to delivering results in every aspect of his life.