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Film Booking & Accounts

Yes, Tapos can provide a complete film settlement module, calculating film remittance advices for every studio for every week.

Yes, any combination of performances between different screens is supported, including multiple films on a single screen on any day.

Yes, we export data to Sage, Great Plains, Xero and Quickbooks accounting packages.

Food & Beverage (F&B)

Yes, when customers buy tickets online the system can offer them to also buy food at the same time. Food can be included as a package with tickets, and also as an upsell after selecting tickets. It can be collected from the concessions stand, or delivered directly to the seat.

Yes, pagers can be automatically prompted for food items, as well as added on demand. The time each pager is issues is logged, and included in reports.

Yes, transactions can be saved to tables and retrieved later in the day from the same or another PoS station.


It is a Mariadb (very similar to MySQL) database on Linux (Ubuntu Server, currently version 22.04).  So no MS SQL licenses to pay for, and no Windows server licences to pay for.  Yes, all Windows clients.

  • For me these API needs seem normal cinema functions and Tapos should be able to handle these. But is there something that you want to comment or would like to have more information about?
  • For display you have full API option, and also a simple xml feed that includes performance data etc which is probably quicker to implement.  And there is also the native digital signage.

Yes no problem, we have many TMS outputs (Dolby, Unique, GDC etc) and always add new ones when we occasionally find them

We include a mobile app that does this already with the PoS.  But API is there if you want also to recreate it.

No problem, we have ticket scanning API, which gate control can use. 

Several years ago we increased the ‘max connections’ value on our mariadb installations from the default of 100, to 5,000 .  We also moved from myisam to innodb, allowing multiple active transaction changes to the database at the same time.  We have never since had a problem with the number of database connections.  Our largest sites have about 20 PoS stations, and very busy, including with online booking too.  We also implement stress testing on databases.  So far no problems

Yes, pulls from a large database of movie information with many decades of content that is permanently being updated with new movie information.

Yes, Tapos supports allocated seating and has done for 25 years. Tapos supports also mixes seat types in a single auditorium (such as sofas and loveseats) and also a combination of allocated and non-allocated seating in the same auditorium.

Yes, it is possible to create birthday packages where end users select from different packages, add on additional food, and include any special information about the event (like if it's a Birthday Party, and whose Birthday it is).

Yes, Tapos can pull data based on the country that the PoS is installed into.

Yes, business critical systems like a cinema PoS should not rely exclusively on an internet connection. For 50p or 50c/day there is no reason not to have the safety of a dedicated server in every cinema.

Yes, there's an Employee monitor report that shows in detail employees' activity in the system, as well as a system audit.

No, managing stock, adding ticket. editing recipes and all detailed information can be set through the back office program on the manager's PC.

Yes, it is possible to move seats both between and within performances. The operator can swap out sold seats for new ones all in the same transaction. If the seats are different prices the system will calculate the difference, negating the need for refunds.

Yes, with our native payment integration the system offers both full and partial refunds back to cards, without needing the card or card number.

Yes, there is a very detailed transaction search module. The search can be run by the date of the sell, date of the performance, the operator, and even in which post station the transaction of interest was made.

Yes, operators can waste damaged product directly from the PoS program.

Yes, with appropriate permissions operators can comp a transaction to zero value.

Yes, customers can buy tickets for multiple performances and also different concessions items all in a single transaction.

Promotions & CRM

Yes, you can create send messages to operators across all cinemas to see either the next time or every time that they log in.

Yes, in just a few minutes managers can set up different upsell and cross sell options, helping to drive up concessions sales across every transaction.

Yes, it is possible to create different Loyalty programs both with similar and also completely different customer benefits and costs within a single venue.

Yes, it is possible to sell multiple gift cards in a single transaction by providing the first and last giftcard numbers (the gift card numbers are random, but the system knows the order in which they were printed).

Yes, we have a full loyalty and membership module.

Yes, customers can redeem promotional discount codes against tickets and concessions items. It is possible to issue codes that can only be redeemed once, and also codes that can be redeemed multiple times.


We have a custom reporting module, which we would recommend you use first.  The main advantages are that it includes all the complex table joins, and can be updated in a single place when they are modified.  It is also very easy to use, so a report could be created by almost anyone within a few minutes – senior management, or an assistant on their first day.  There is of course more detail available in a direct database query, so please provide some examples of your most complex reports, and we shall check if they could be created with our data analytics tool.

Yes, the reports section on show the total units and sales both for product groups and products, including a variety of options of different graphs.

Yes, the reports can be downloaded as a PDF, XLS or CSV file.

Yes, the report scheduler has periodic reporting, for daily, weekly and monthly reports, with configurable dates and times. Even custom reports can be scheduled to run automatically, sent as pdf, Excel or csv.

Yes, it is possible to get a ticket occupancy report by performance, sorted by time, occupancy or genre to help with making fast and profitable booking decisions.

Yes, reports can be access from a PC or any mobile device through .

Yes, the system includes reporting across all your theaters, with live reporting available through any web browser at any time.

Performances, films and reports can be managed online at

Technical Support

Yes, we have training videos for new employees (so that they can learn the PoS without training from a manager), as well as managers and corporate users.

Yes, we added 2-factor authentication online when launching to help protect all the critical sales data related to your cinema.

Yes, we import users, tickets, concessions products and screens layout before the system goes live

We offer support both during office hours, and also emergency support over evenings, weekends and holidays to help in case of emergencies

Yes, we help all our customers with entering their initial products, tickets and screens so that by the time you open your doors, your PoS is already fully configured.

Time Clock

Yes, it can identify when overtime is triggered, controlled for each cinema in the cinema settings.

Yes, it is possible to create payroll reports from the timeclock records.