A Winner for Cinema Circuits #2

Why Tapos is so popular?

Tapos provides online access to a snapshot of your cinema’s business, and over 50 modules to support you as you grow.

  • Consolidated reporting

    With Tapos reports can be run against individual cinemas, consolidated across an entire circuit, and also as a list across the entire circuit (for comparing different sites). Accounts exports are also run circuit-wide, and even inventory is available as a single Excel Document with a tab for each location.

  • Centralised data input

    All films, products and tickets are created on the Corporate system, and then pushed out to individual cinemas, both saving time and reducing error. Individual cinemas can be grouped with other cinemas that have similar pricing, and different tax and price cards can be applied at the group level, and against each individual cinema.

  • Private Watch Parties

    Private auditorium rentals and private watch parties can be huge business across a cinema circuit, but employing someone just to handle booking can be more than the income, and relying on the individual cinema managers to follow up with customers can be unreliable. With our online Private Watch Parties feature moviegoers can buy out auditoriums, and select the movie they’d like to watch – Tapos takes the payment, removes the performance from sale and sends the movie information to the TMS.

  • System Audit and Employee Monitor

    Over 25 years’ development our customers have identified many potential ways that employees could try to steal from cinemas, and for circuits it is particularly difficult to manage this at a distance. We have created our proprietary Employee Monitor, adding a log to help identify and report on each of these suspicious employee behaviours. From cancelling items and adjusting time clock entries, to pressing empty buttons onscreen, we have you covered with reports and a dashboard to help identify these behaviours, and close them down before they spread.


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