A Winner for Arthouses #2

Why Tapos for independents?

Tapos provides online access to a snapshot of your cinema’s business, including movie tickets, and offers over 50 modules to support your growth.

movie tickets
  • Paperless movie tickets

    Many of our arthouse customers are bug on paperless movie tickets – savvy regular customers who want to buy their ticket online, and just show their phone to go into the auditorium. We were the first cinema ticketing company in the world to use Android and iPhone for paperless ticketing, and we have one of the quickest and most reliable solutions available.

  • Food & Beverage

    Many of our arthouse customers have more advanced food offerings, needing modifiers, kitchen printers, kitchen collection screens and even pagers and online food sales. This is a great example of features that have often been standard in Tapos for many years and are very well tested and advanced, ready for you to make your arthouse the cinema of your (and everyone else’s) dreams!

  • Tabs and Tips

    In addition to the food and beverage options in our cinema PoS, operators are able to save food orders to tables and virtual tables, and then recall them later for adding more items, and taking payment. Tipping is easily handled on the pinpad, with the cinema being able to set its own recommended tip values, and include a custom option.

  • Double Features, Multibills and Marathons

    Arthouses adore double features, movie seasons, and film festivals! With Tapos, enjoy full support for movie tickets in double features, multibills (more movies), and marathons. Income is accurately assigned to individual films, ensuring seamless film remittance and reporting on the back end.


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