Like most companies, Tapos has a responsibility to reduce its emissions, as well as helping our customers and our industry to reduce their emissions, and even to discuss this within our own team, and consider the environment within our hiring and employment decisions (where this is compatible with an equal opportunity employment policy).

We have included below a list of different actions that have been taken. This is not to suggest that we are green, net zero or even carbon neutral. We are not, but we are working on our plan to be net zero, and taking action at the same time, as time is critical.

The list below is not exhaustive, and some of these actions are still being assessed, but this highlights the key actions that have been taken.

Installation of solar panels on the UK work building (2014).

Organised a panel and presentation on solar and battery powered cinema (2018).

Organised a presentation on sustainable cinema (2019).

Withdrew all company cars (2020).

Reduced transatlantic flying to a maximum of one return flight per employee per year (2021).

Began traveling using only public transport within UK to work events (2021).

Started monthly carbon offset to Ecologi for each employee every month (2022).

Installation of a ground heat pump on the US office (2022).

Closed Tapos’ Natwest Bank Account, opening instead Revolut (2022).

Purchased ‘Fairphone’ & ‘TCO certified laptops’, on advice of Ethical Consumer Magazine (2022).

Moved to supplying only recyclable phenol-free paper (2023).

Consolidated Jacro and Tapos into a single building, reducing sqft by over 50% (2023).

Migrated our inhouse UK data centre to the cloud (2023)

There is a lot more that we need to do, particularly around the computers that we operate, and sell, and how our software might help cinemas to be more energy efficient.

As our carbon and waste reduction plans develop, we will continue to update this page and inform our customers of progress made, and of progress yet to make.

We welcome an email from anyone who has questions on the actions below, as well as recommendations for any additional changes that we could make.