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Tapos has powerful data APIs both for selling tickets and pos reports, including connections to all the major cinema ticket aggregators including both Fandango and Atom.

Automated Offsite Backup and Storage

We upload an encrypted copy of your cinema PoS and Ticketing data to the cloud so that you can quickly access all your cinema ticketing and PoS reports, and we can work with you to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Database Replication

Our database replication can take a live snapshot of your data, right up to the moment of any disaster as it strikes. Tapos can capture every transaction right up to the moment of hardware failure, storing offsite so it’s ready for any disaster recovery implementation as soon as it occurs.

Error Reporting

A strong, central error reporting system is vital to any PoS system. Tapos reports all errors not just to a log file, but to Tapos’ central support team. We are then aware of issues as they occur, and have clear program information to help diagnose, resolve and prevent them from recurring. This is central to Tapos’ approach to being scalable, reliable and easy to use.

TMS Integrations

Tapos is integrated with every TMS that we have found to date. With xml and csv outputs, automatically scheduling your cinema projector showtimes is easily handled automatically from the cinema performance showtime scheduler in the PoS, updating every few minutes. Tapos is committed to providing the best cinema management solutions, ensuring smooth integration with your theater’s operations for optimal performance.

Digital Signage

Tapos’ ground breaking digital signage was instrumental in making digital signage accessible to all cinemas in 2009 and has since been installed around the world. Auditorium signage, Box Office Signage, Concessions Signage, Directional Signage, Digital poster cases and trailer screens – control and monitor all screens from your PoS back end, and automate data delivery to streamline your operations.


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