Powerful features for:

Cash Desk

Ensure precise financial management with our comprehensive online booking and cash desk solution. Count every penny at your cinema, meticulously matching your cinema bank statements against total sales, and adjusting for any over/under shortages and adjustments at the end of each employee’s shift.

Cinema Groups

For customers with multiple locations, and cinemas in different pricing groups, our cinema PoS customers can easily send pricing to different groups, including exceptions for specific sites on different items.

Concessions sales

Our massive concessions sales module covers everything from popcorn sales to combo sales, recipes and cinema discounts.

Cross-selling and Upselling

Cinema profitability relies on every cinema employee to upsell and cross sell at the concessions counter.  Our PoS can provide prompts to employees to offer customers larger sizes of concessions item, as well as prompts to remind every cinema employee to make sure every customer has all the popcorn, drinks and snacks they might want for the movie.

Employee Discounts

Offer all cinema employees discounts with Tapos’ cinema PoS employee discount module.  Tracking usage helps both to offer employees perks to staying with the cinema, and helps to prevent abuse, reducing fraud at the cinema.


Issue, sell and redeem Intercards throughout the PoS, providing a seamless payment method through arcades, laser tag, bowling and cinema.

Manual & Training Videos

At Tapos we believe that every feature should have clear training guides.  Only with clear customer information on how to use each of the modules in our cinema PoS can our customers make the most of the features that their cinema needs.  We include cinema training videos, as well as tips and even newsletters to customers about our latest and most popular features, as well as recommendation of features from our customers and cinema PoS support teams.

Double Features, multibill and marathons

Tapos’s powerful double bill module provides clear tracking of cinema ticket pricing across multiple shows empowering cinemas to offer cinema tickets for entire movie marathons across multiple dates as well as cinema and event tickets for individual performances at different ticket prices.  It is perfect for movie seasons, live event ticket bundles, double bills and movie marathons.

Online Booking & Cinema Ticketing

Tapos’ extremely reliable and robust online booking and cinema ticketing platform has been constructed to endure even the highest demand on cinema ticket sales. It is integrated with Google Analytics and includes optional food sales with each ticket. Our online booking system looks great to customers and can be configured by your webmaster to use different colors, fonts, logos, and even seat images. It is fully responsive, making it easy to use on all mobile devices and full desktop computers.

Permissions and Security

With over 250 different discrete security permissions and an unlimited number of security groups Tapos provides all cinemas with very precise and accurate control over employee behaviour, helping to reduce fraud, and errors.

Performance Modifiers

Our cinema performance modifiers massively simplify ticket management across more complex cinemas with multiple variants on movies such as Screen-X, Imax, Premium, 21+, 3D, PLF and 4DX.  Create just one film and have different modifiers for each type of performance.

Report Scheduler

Gain valuable insights on “online booking” and other relevant data with scheduled reports for each cinema management level. Schedule reports to every level of cinema management on daily, weekly or monthly schedules.  Our system provides customized reports in formats like PDF, Excel, and CSV, and automatically resends them if there are internet connectivity issues.

Seat Moves

With Tapos the box office and concessions team can easily move customers’ seats between rows in the same auditorium, and between different dates and times.  Customers are prompted to pay any difference (with manager override) to help reduce time at the concessions stand, as well as reduce total card processing feed at every cinema.

Self-service kiosks

Fast and reliable self-service kiosks are critical to most cinemas’ operations.  Tapos uses a lightweight framework for fast and responsive kiosks to help accelerate moviegoers through the ticket kiosks and onto the cinema concessions stand as quickly as possible.

Ticket Sales

Tapos sells cinema tickets in as few as 3 clicks, both for cash and card transactions.  We invest extra development in creating a particularly lightweight program to keep the box office and concessions stand fast-paced with a highly responsive touchscreen.  We know that a delay of just a couple of seconds over a busy showtime can result in extra minutes on the concessions line, and lost food sales.  With Tapos we want all our cinema customers to capture every possible transaction.

Ticket Scanning App

Download Tapos’ ticket scanning app, available as both an Android app, and in the Apple App Store.  Quickly scan tickets, with audible alerts, an online booking query option, and scan customers both in and out of the auditorium.

Transaction Search

Tapos’ transaction search includes over 25 different search fields to help quickly identify any transaction, even at the busiest box office.


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