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Custom Reporting

Our POS software boasts a powerful custom reporting module tailored for cinemas. Enjoy the convenience of drag and drop cinema ticket and concessions reports, including visually engaging graphs, charts, and tables. Effortlessly export your data to Excel, CSV, and PDF formats, empowering you with efficient analysis and streamlined operations.

Employee Monitor, Fraud and System Audit

Helping to eliminate the potential for fraud at cinemas is critical to their profitability.  Tapos’ Employee Monitor helps to track key potential areas for fraud, providing a quick overview of user behaviour, as well as an audit for different actions, including who made them and when they occurred.

Launched in 2017, provides easy online access to powerful reporting tools as well as being able to control many aspect of the PoS online, using any internet browser including Safari, Firefox and Chrome.  Loved by Tapos customers, this is tool that helps Tapos customers to manage their cinemas on the move, from anywhere with an internet connection, combining the flexibility of the cloud with the reliability of a dedicated in-cinema server.


Gamifying cinema operations requires rapid feedback of information to cinema employees.  Tapos’ KPI module provides immediate feedback on sales values and quantities, including a running total for the day, last 7 days and comparisons against the rest of the team.  Leveraging KPIs in any cinema is critical to cinema profitability, particularly within larger cinemas and cinema circuits.

Employee Messaging

Effective communication is vital for both large and small cinemas. With our POS software, easily engage cinema employees by sending messages every time they log into the PoS. From dress code reminders to motivational promotions and competitions, keep your team informed and motivated. Stay organized with policy reminders, operational procedure changes, and important legal and cinema data compliance alerts.

Enterprise Features (multisite)

Tapos has been working with cinema circuits for 25 years, and includes all the key features for a cinema circuit PoS to streamline workload reducing both data input and errors.  Films, products, concessions items, merchandise, and even employees can be controlled centrally across your cinema circuit.

View reporting across all sites through a single cinema dashboard, with the option to dial into specific sites, view total (summed) data across all sites, and to view site by site data comparisons.


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