Our Green Agenda: Following our own green brick road (Alan Roe), presented at UKCACON 2023

Tapos is dedicated to providing ticketing systems for cinemas worldwide while actively pursuing the green agenda. Our unwavering commitment involves taking decisive steps towards becoming a market leader in reducing our carbon footprint. Though we have much progress ahead, we eagerly embrace the challenge, learning, improving, and striving to share the steps we’ve taken thus far.

Software is not an inherently ‘green’ product (requiring computers, which use rare minerals, need energy both in production and in use, and generate electrical waste) so the challenge we face in delivering our product in the midst of the climate crisis is extreme.
SO… what are we doing…

Office energy

We have offices in the UK and US, and felt that remote working could not totally replace them as we require space and equipment for testing. We therefore installed solar panels installed onto the UK office and have consolidated our existing 2x buildings into one, reducing utilities by over 50%. In addition, we have invested $75,000 into geothermal installation in the USA to further reduce our company’s energy consumption.


With running two businesses, and cinema PoS installations on 6 continents we have historically relied on international flight to conduct our business. Since the end of the pandemic, we have restricted Transatlantic flights to one per employee per year, favoring remote meetings whenever possible. We no longer have company cars and have switched to public transport for all UK customers, and events.


We want to be transparent and open about our progress. In 2018 we collaborated with the ICTA to deliver an event exploring solar and battery powered cinemas. The following year we invited Carmen Slijpen from Depot Cinema, to deliver a powerful presentation on sustainability to some of the largest companies in our industry. Moving forward we will be sharing progress on our social media channels and devising more opportunities to present our learning.


We are now moving from FSC certified BPA free paper, to ‘phenol free’ paper and ‘Ethical Consumer’ Magazine has been an wonderful resource to inform our selection of mobile phones and laptops.

Carbon offset

We actively commit to the Green Agenda, striving to reduce our carbon footprint. Although carbon offset isn’t a standalone solution, we take pride in working with Ecologi, making contributions for every employee to address emissions.


Our software provides data to enable our cinema partners to conserve heating and aircon by switch on/off based on cinema occupancy. We are extending that now to TMS companies to ensure they have the data to switch off the lamp when there is no-one in the auditorium.

Follow our Green Brick Road…

We have two ears and one mouth and are here to listen and learn what our clients need If you are interested in exploring how an alternative PoS can impact your cinema’s green credentials, profitability as well as your quality of life, please drop us an email.

We won’t be jumping in the car to see you (!) but would love to have a chat over zoom/teams.